Ridley Scott unpacks the original Alien chestburster scene

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Because it’s important to know what is making me retch as much as why it is making me retch.


I don’t know about anyone else, but for me this is one of the iconic movie scenes of all time. I think my hair on my head actually stood on end in the theater. Every time this movie airs, I can’t stop myself from watching it. The H.R. Giger creature is beyond wonderful.


Oh good. Right before lunch,.

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Who else is sick of the word “unpack” ?


“Dissects” felt disrespectful to Kane.


It put me off eating noodles for YEARS

I was only seven when I watched it though…

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We went as teenagers on a double date to see this. Had some stolen hooch, thought we were gonna see ET but they get on the starship and maybe it’s scary n stuff! Cool!

Wow! Of course I had heard Giger and Moebius were involved w the film so I was stoked for OMG! IT JUST RIPPED ITS WAY OUT OF HIS GUTS!!!

Such a great cast and such a great movie. Streets ahead of any of Scott’s follow-ups.

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