Right wing freaks out over eco-art in Austria: "Go away and take your shitty forest!"

I expect they cannot see the wood for the trees.

If they looked closely they might spot a golden toilet for golden bears.

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Irony is truly dead.


I think lost balls is more of an issue for the NASCAR demographic.

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… and groping a flag.


“People can’t anticipate how much they’ll miss the natural world until they are deprived of it. I have read about submarine crewmen who haunt the sonar room, listening to whale songs and colonies of snapping shrimp. Submarine captains dispense “periscope liberty” - a chance to gaze at clouds and birds and coastlines - and remind themselves that the natural world still exists. I once met a man who told me that after landing in Christchurch, New Zealand, after a winter at the South Pole research station, he and his companions spent a couple of days just wandering around staring in awe at flowers and trees. At one point, one of them spotted a woman pushing a stroller. “A baby!” he shouted, and they all rushed across the street to see. The woman turned the stroller and ran. Nothing tops space as a barren, unnatural environment. Astronauts who had no prior interest in gardening spend hours tending experimental greenhouses. “They are our love,” said cosmonaut Vladislav Volkov of the tiny flax plants - with which they shared the confines of Salyut 1, the first Soviet space station. At least in orbit, you can look out the window and see the natural world below. On a Mars mission, once astronauts lose sight of Earth, they’ll be nothing to see outside the window. “You’ll be bathed in permanent sunlight, so you won’t eve see any stars,” astronaut Andy Thomas explained to me. “All you’ll see is black.””

— Mary Roach. Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void .


Tough contest, that. Golf courses suck up resources whether they’re in play or not, but on the other hand they at least do some carbon capture.


It depends on the faction. On the one hand you have the likes of the coal rollers, but on the other you have the eco-fascists who are actual fascists who believe in climate catastrophe, and think they can solve it by exterminating all the ‘undesirables’.

Things are further confused by the first group calling anyone who is mildly supportive of saving the environment an eco-fascist.


I planned to sell my house this year. When I bought it 15 years ago, It had mature trees and landscaping with flowers and shrubs that bloom or display colorful bark almost year round. I kept them and added a few perennials from my previous garden.

Multiple real estate agents, staging experts, and landscapers advised me that the house would sell faster if I removed all of the trees, shrubs, and ground cover plants that make 3/4 of the yard a no-mow, low-maintenance zone. Instead, they suggested replacing it all with new grass. That way, it would be a blank canvas for the next owner to put in their own trees, shrubs, and flowers (as though they all grow overnight). :roll_eyes:


When I first heard about this project last year I loved it immediately. Not just because it’s a cool piece of art but because I knew it would be trolling all the yokels in the area and the FPÖ super hard.


Bravo! I believe you may have typed out the official, worldwide motto for social media!


Since the exhibit is open to the public at all hours, it seems like the stadium is generally not very full. I wonder if there was an official launch event where they tried to pack in the viewers. That would be a nice touch in re-creating some of the original drawing.

Also, I would much rather enjoy a beer and a hot dog and watch some trees than a sporting match.


The Portland Timbers should do that with their stadium. I think they’d have a distinct advantage…


This perfectly illustrates the contradictions of having one’s life support system also be a financial investment.


If things go as planned, in three weeks I should be close enough to Klagenfurt weeks to maybe make a day trip and see it.
I might even stop by the Jörg Haider Kurve for a cheap laugh.


Yeah thats a worry, isn’t it?

Maybe we could do a remake of Silent Running where the entire crew of the Valley Forge become hard core environmentalists.


Actually when I read that quote the first thing I thought of was Cormack McCarthy’s “The Road.”

Just having fun imagining how incredibly insecure a person would have to be to find trees threatening. Well… either that, or they’re so straight-up evil that they see anything beautiful and beneficial as something that absolutely must be destroyed. I’d prefer to believe they’re just misguided assholes and not enemies of all life, but the evidence doesn’t seem to be stacking up in my favor.


If you get mad about trees in a stadium, it says two things:

  1. Hey, you found art!

  2. You’re a fucko!


All extreme right parties have extremely ironic names. It’s almost like it’s obligatory.

I would like to see it, but a ~1200km drive, to see a exhibit on preserving our natural environment, seems like it would defeat the purpose. Never mind the time investment that would require.

It’s “art” they hate. It’s elitist, hard to understand and costs a lot of money, some of it is even sponsored by tax-payer money. There may even be something in there like “if I can’t have my hobbies (cars and travel pollutes, guns are dangerous, etc) they can’t have theirs”.