Rio: your quadrennial reminder that the Olympics colonize host-states with Orwellian surveillance and human rights abuses

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Sports! Not even the most popular religion for covering up sexual assault and justifying colonialism.


And also an orgy in the Olympic village amongst the athletes interested in such things. So that’s hot.


Heartwarming to see that IBM got the contract for the “Center for Integrated Command and Control”. If you want a data-driven solution to your undesirables, IBM certainly has the experience.


Rio will go down as a disaster of a decision for the Olympics, that place is no picnic…

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No, the Olympics aren’t turning Rio in a military state. 30 years of civil war against drug bosses did that. The only reason the beans are being spilled now is because people aren’t being crushed and disappeared with in silence.

I thank the Internet and Brazilians ubiquitous use of social networks for it. It’s getting harder to whitewash and silence the protesters and not acknowledge their existence. The Governor and the Mayor can pay the media for their silence but they can’t do the same with every student in every occupied school. PMs (military police) are taught that a ten year old with guns is the enemy and deserves a bullet on his head but they can’t control the horror of the civilians and become violent with unarmed people just because they don’t agree with them.

There are smartphones everywhere.

That leads to horrifying stuff like a gang rape being filmed and transmitted on Twitter but also means that if police shoots a kid just for occupying a school and fighting peacefully for its right to education a hundred cameras will be capturing footage of his actions.

Cory, without the web you would only receive the narrative the winners want you to hear. State will enforce the same tactics they have for years (this isn’t the first big event Rio receives, I remember among others Eco 92 and the Pan American games in 2006). The failure in silencing people is what makes it feel like “more military”


When will the Pyongyang Olympics happen? I still think they are perfect for each other.


The opening ceremonies would be impressive.

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Watch out for English translations of Brasilian hyperbole. There was no coup, merely a police investigation of large scale corruption. It turns out that the accusers have since been investigated for corruption themselves: it looks like all Assembly members are corrupt, both PT leaders and the opposition.

The Olympics will do fine, but Brazil may never recover


Or else

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That’s like, the only thing I don’t loathe about the event. Uh, beyond that one creep in the village who didn’t disclose his HIV/AIDS status? At least, I thought I recalled that being a story.

Also I guess Zika is going to make that a nightmare too :confused:

I’ve never watched the Olympics to boycott them, or I would have years ago. The only way to hit them where it hurts is to target their sponsor portfolio, which is heavily diversified. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but a unified global effort is necessary.

Hopefully the Brazilians will engage in measured gradual change, since that is the most effective path to progress.

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