RIP Cal Worthington


When you’re finally out of luck, go see Cal!
If you’re gonna kick the bucket, go see Cal!
For your funeral procession,
Save on limos without question,
Go see Cal, go see Cal, go see Cal!

If you’re shufflin’ off this earth, go see Cal!
Find out what your trade-in’s worth, go see Cal!
Before your final breath is drawn,
For your ride to Forest Lawn,
Go see Cal, go see Cal, go see Cal!

If you’re goin’ straight to Hell, go see Cal!
We have handbaskets we can sell, go see Cal!
If you’re goin’ to meet Satan,
Probably shouldn’t keep him waitin’,
Go see Cal, go see Cal, go see Cal!

When you finally meet your fate, go see Cal!
Headed to the pearly gates, go see Cal!
Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, Jews,
Atheists need hearses too,
Everyone croaks, even you, go see Cal!


goosey cow, goosey cow, goosey cow

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Growing up in Vancouver (the Canadian one) I learned about him from American TV channels and thought that he was only local to Seattle. (“Worthington Ford in Federal Way… the ONLY way!”) I’m glad to learn his empire reached much further…

That was going to be my comment: He was a fixture on Seattle-area TV back in the day, not just California.

One tidbit - at Peak Cal he was running 50,000 commercials a year.

Of course I’d never buy a car from him.

Ahh, Cal Worthington. One of the biggest and oldest car dealerships in Anchorage, Alaska. I wasn’t even aware that it was a chain until I was in my teens.

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20 years gone, since i left SoCal, and my family still references Cal & his dog Spot. Rest well Cal.

Well he never made it up here to Boston. First I’ve heard of him. We had a guy named Ernie Boch . “Come on down!!!”

I gotta say, though, that’s some collection of junkboxes Cal’s peddling there. Behold the '73 Chevy Vega! Even GM has yet to surpass that little gem for across-the-line lemonhood.

I do think I’ve seen Spot around here a few times…

i remember, growing up, seeing him on tv all the time, despite living nowhere near California. So when we went there on vacation one summer, our parents make sure to take us to “go see Cal”. I remember him as friendly but perplexed why we “had” to come see him. God that song was catchy.

I guess the next RIP will be Pete Ellis Dodge, Long Beach Freeway, Firestone Exit, South Gte

I grew up in Anchorage during the 70’s, which means I saw a steady diet of Cal’s commercials. I told my mother that I wanted to go down to the dealership to meet Cal and Spot, and was devastated when she told me he lived in California. All that sunny weather in the commercials might have tipped me off. :wink:

Sillies, he was also ‘local’ to Anchorage as well. Being from AK we knew he wasn’t only from there, no one could be that grandiose and play with big cats (Spot) on cars and only have three dealership in Alaska.

Goosey cow? That’s cute but we ALL heard pussy cow pussy cow pussy cow

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As a kid of about 5, I though it was pussy cow (because of the tigers!)

ETA: And, it seems that I was not the only one :slight_smile:

I always heard “pussy cow.” It was only when I was grown up that I realized it was “Go see Cal” I also always wondered who needed to buy a car at midnight.

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Same here. RIP, Pussy Cow.

“Pussy cow” was a common refrain on the playground at school because of those commercials.

Not to besmirch the name of a dead used car salesman, but I heard that Cal had to close his businesses on the North Pacific seaboard and that was the reason he was in Souther California. That was circa 1998 or so. My Google-Fu is not giving me anything, but then again, I’m not trying.

Beat me to it. (“Pete Ellis Dodge…”)

I saw his commercials in SoCal in the 80s.