A surprisingly frank car dealership commercial from 1966


I’ve got this saved for just such an occasion:


It’s just possible that this might have been dubbed. Maybe.

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I thought so too, right up until the “up yours” gesture with the arm.

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As a resident of the area (well, closer to DC) this doesn’t seem too far off the mark.

Don Draper sure has fallen on hard times.

This looks like Chick Lambert who was Ralph Williams head salesman in LA. I suspect that this was a goof on the part of all of the participants. He was a big one for having his dog on the hood and saying, “This is my dog Storm, and, no friends, he is not for sale.” Fast forward many years and you get Cal Worthington and his dog (elephant) Spot.

There is a chance that this was just cut out of the Lost & Found Video Night DVD and posted online.

Maybe this was boss who fired him?

Right - that is Chick Lambert.

I asked Firesign’s Phil Proctor, well-known Chick Lambertologist, and he says “It wasn’t live.”

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