Southern California auto dealerships had awesome jingles in the 80s


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Yep, all of them embedded in my brain, just waiting for an evil BoingBoing publisher to revive them as crawling earworms decades later without my having to press play on one of them.


If you are haaaaaaard up for a truck, GO SEE CAL!


When I was 5, I was convinced the lyrics were pussy-cow, pussy-cow, pussy-cow, because he had tigers sometimes. Ah, kid logic.


In addition there was never a dull moment on Wally George. Good ol’ Orange County public television!


I’ll see your Wally George and raise you a Gene Scott, less toxic but a bigger kook:

[in high school my friend once called that number, demanding to speak to “the man himself” before pledging anything. Sadly they chose to forego his donation]


OMG! Me too!!!


Those of us who are a little more… um… mature will also remember this one from the 1970s.


Hover text: I guarantee I will never buy a car from the Cerritos Auto Center but boy can I give you some snappy directions to it.


Oh hell, now I’m gonna have ‘Go See Cal’ in my head for the rest of the day. Back in the day you could not turn on any TV channel in the So. Ca. area and not see a Cal Worthington commercial. Everyone knew who Cal was. Man, does that bring back memories.


What I liked about Gene Scott was, he didn’t want your money if it was only $5 or $10. “If that’s all you can afford, you need it more than we do.”


He was a ranting religious nut with some bizarre views, but he was more of a real Christian than Falwell and Bakker and their ilk ever were. I also prefer both his and Wally George’s “second-hand chairs, blue backdrop, ferns and maybe a threadbare flag” design aesthetic over the overly slick and polished ones of the current batch of religious and right-wing charlatans.


I was slightly younger, but same here: “pussy-cow!”


I was always partial to Dial Chevrolet:


OK, it is “JUST” a radio spot with slides, but I submit that this is an all-time great.

Dave Dinger car dealerships on Route 128 in BRAINTREE (yes, that is a real town in Massachusetts) used this gospel song advertisement for decades.

Wolfman Jack was an original shock jock, back when shocking people involved howling, and telling his audience to show up at a beach and “get naked everybody.”


I remember Cal Worthington ads from when I’d go to SoCal to visit grandparents. The Bay Area/Central Coast had Richardson Chevrolet, which was pretty epic as far as the late 70’s go:

Alas YouTube only has the ad with generic cars, the song having been recycled from the original ad which contained a quintessentially late-70’s band performing the jingle. Superior in every way.


Yup, while not quite as memorable as Cal, I knew the jingle before I clicked on the video. Despite the sappiness of these advertisements, at least they had some creativity. Nowadays they just steal pop songs and jingos. Cormier Chevrolet!


Boy, Pete Ellis got around. I remember the jingle lyrics referencing its location on El Camino Real in Sunnyvale.

(You have to sit through a bonus commercials for “Paul from the Diamond Center” and some weirdo limo service before you get to Pete.)


Just be glad you didn’t grow up the DC metro area in the 70’s or 80’s. Then you would have the Ourisman Chevrolet jingle permanently installed in your mind.

It’s so weaponized the original isn’t even on the internet anywhere. I assume its some kind of secret military law, keeping it in reserve, should we ever have to release it on an evil foreign power, like North Korea or Canada.


Dial, Dial Dial Chevrolet, one block off the Santa Ana Freeway, 1198oh East Firestone, Dial Chevrolet.

Keys Keys Keys Keys on Van Nuys…