RIP: George Romero creator of "Night of the Living Dead"


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Someone better keep watch to make sure he stays dead.

…I will see myself out the door.


The living dead movies get all the love, but for me he’ll always be the guy who made Martin.


And Knightriders. No, not the talking car (that’s without the s), but a movie about a troupe of motorcycle jousters.


Favorite of the to-be-expected Zombie Romero wisecracks:

His tombstone will read “We’ll meet again. Don’t know where. Don’t know when. Aim for the head.”


Yeah, that one’s pretty great, too. (And Shout Factory’s streaming service has it with commentary!)


And now Martin Landau too.


If there was anyone who could make a spring loaded coffin lid activate while being lowered in the ground an appropriate act, it would be this guy.



I think everyone is making variations on that same joke.

(I know I did.)



I was hoping there was some nexus between two of the coolest people Pittsburgh ever produced.



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