RIP Janet Waldo, Hanna-Barbera's iconic teen girl voice

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And another one goes…


cf. also the celebrity mourning thread:


I had a big crush on Judy Jetson when I was a kid. Wanted to get me a piece of that space booty.

It’s always just bizarre when the voice really doesn’t match the face.

'Cause no one would mistake her for a teenager?

Yup. Nothing like Judy Jetson. /s/

Even though he died 16 years ago, in a strange coincidence I’ve been all about Hoyt Curtin today. He wrote a million theme songs and music cues for Hanna-Barbera shows, my favorite of which being the theme song for “Jonny Quest” with its drum heavy action jazzy vibe. To relate it to this post, he also did the Jetsons, the Flintstone, etc. I’d stumbled upon an ancient web page dedicated to Jonny Quest that happened to have an e-mail interview with him from the late '90s. It just made me think, “Man, this guy was amazing. How lucky some fan managed an e-mail interview him in the late '90s before he died, and this old web page is still there.” History is fragile.


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