RIP, Larry Smith, traveling science fiction bookseller

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He was a treasure to fandom. We will miss him.


I was shocked when I read about this late last week. I knew him for several decades, and used to jokingly call him “Cousin Larry” since we were both Smiths. He will definitely leave a hole in the dealers’ rooms at many conventions. As well as in the hearts of many F/SF fans. My sympathies and support to Sally.

BTW, what con was that photo taken at?


It’s people like this who made fandom what it is today, I think. Sad news, especially for those who knew him.


I am 99.6% certain that photo is from Readercon — either 2015 or 2014, that looks like the Dealer’s Room at the old hotel.

Larry and Sally were always nice — for several years, I kept on misplacing my wallet(the actual physical wallet, not just the contents) at his booth, and he always held it until I came looking for it.

I, also, offer extreme condolences to Sally

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