Worldcon attendees: silent auction today at the SFWA booth!


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So how does the disclaimer at the beginning of the book go then?

“Any resemblance to any people, places, etc are completely coincidental (except for Tucker Fatwallet, he’s totally real).”


Hopefully we don’t have more calls on the SFWA Emergency Medical Fund after last night’s literally “off the charts” air quality from fires around here at Sasquan:

image: Spokane Air Quality Friday night 7/21/15- 330 on a scale of 0-200, where 150-200 represents ‘unhealthy’. Source:

The signs on the con doors last night read “Dangerous Smoke” and strongly discouraged going/walking outdoors, recommended breathing masks or equivalent; the con Access table was giving out masks, but area drugstores were sold out.

One friend here who is sensitive to such things reported that small air-conditioned spaces were tolerable, but lots of outside air was getting into big spaces like the exhibit floor. Another was making plans to flee to Seattle, leaving her husband behind.

(fortunately it is much better today thanks to winds from the Northeast)

P.S. For those who follow such things: Helsiniki’s bid won for 2017.


Ah. Vox Day’s home turf!


And the Sad and Rabid Puppies got the ever-loving shit kicked out of them in the Hugos.


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