The scene at 4:20 PM on 4/20 at San Francisco's Hippie Hill

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I remember looking toward the park on Friday afternoon and thinking “I bet that’s not fog.”


I was trying, but you didn’t include a picture. Don’t worry, I got your back : )

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Lets take a closer look, shall we?

Not impressive compared to Vancouver’s 4/20, of course, ours is da best. Some 40,000 reported by the news media, which means a good 50,000.

It was, in a manner of speaking, perfect weather. As this TV snap from when I got home will prove:

Ours is more of a local farmer’s market. I heard it called “a trade show” but that’s quite wrong. Trade shows sell to industry players, that would have been hydroponics equipment or oil-extraction devices. This was basically just plants, flowers, and extracts, and 50,000 shopping for bargains.
Legalization is probably going to ruin this day, oddly enough. Next year it will all be about bylaws being violated if somebody has the tents too close together or some such. Being outright illegal to start with allows you to just ignore all the little civic bylaws while you’re at it.


There was a video though

I can only watch with jealousy. Cannabis is still illegal in the UK because no one in power will listen to David Nutt.

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Dang, Double dang!


With a cherry on top!

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didn’t show up on my end. sorry for the snark, then.

no worries, it’s good for me to know that Facebook videos don’t show up for everyone! F*ing Facebook.

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