My Kansas City World Science Fiction Convention schedule

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Holy crap, how did I just now hear about this?

So George R. R. Martin will be there too? I am a bit surpirsed that his name isn’t plastered on the front page.

Unfortunately, since I don’t read books like I should, the only person I recognize on the list is Kevin J. Anderson. Oh and Gary Kurtz. And Alan Dean Foster.

Unfortunately this is the weekend after the Kansas City Comic Con, and given the cost of tickets, probably won’t attend :frowning:

FYI, Cory, you name isn’t on this list:

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I didn’t even know of this coming to KC. Go figure. Unfortunately, I won’t be going. But if you’re available any evening, I’d gladly buy you a beer or two in the local Power & Light District, just a few blocks away. Make sure to grab some KC BBQ. Enjoy your stay! (On twitter @bynk)
-Kudos! (c:

Darn, now I wish I was in Kansas City. Great art museum! Great barbecue! Go see a Royals game if you have time and they’re in town!

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I would encourage you to go to the World War One Museum.

Oh please do not go to power and light!

Brookside toy and science… just ask pesco.
Green Room Burgers and Beer is pro gamer, craft brews, and stacks of games laying about.

I STILL need to go to that, but I hear it is fantastic.

Also, Union Station is across the street, a former train depot (actually I think a corner of it is still used for Amtrack), it is an amazing relic of old school grand architecture, and there is also a really cool Science City inside as well.

And of course, BBQ. Most seem to love Oklahoma Joes, but having Oklahoma in your name is sacrilege IMHO. Gates and Arthur Bryants are the two old school chains. If you like sweeter sauces, Arthur Bryants is for you.

ETA - Prairie Fire Museum is wroth driving by at least if you can.

We have driven down there to (union station) a couple of times to attend the Maker Faire with my daughter. The zoo is not bad either.

Everyone thought that… until they tried the Z-man and decided Oklahoma is OK. Anyway, they are now Joe’s KC, I think the owners split or something.

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Oh yeah! Don’t forget the library photo opp!

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