Santa Fe: Come see Neal Stephenson, NASA's Pete Worden, Los Alamos's Nina Lanza, JPL's Sasha Samochina (and me!) at the Interplanetary Festival!


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Ugh. Starting this post with “Santa Fe!” made me cringe, Cory. Can you do something about this? It feels… awkward, to say the least.


Gosh, I hope these guys are there!



I just had the same experience. Heh… really unfortunate timing. But they are literally promoting an event in Santa Fe after all :pensive:


Of course, but maybe just get rid of the exclamation mark and put the location to the end of that headline?
Calling @doctorow. Would you be so kind?


I’d like to check this out. Santa Fe Institute has always seemed like something of a mysterious intellectual cloister to me, perhaps most memorable for its naming of the El Farol Problem. But these events seem to relate to the recently emerged cultural tribe in Santa Fe that appeared with the renovation of the rail yard area and the creation of Meow Wolf (with help from George R.R. Martin) that seems to have inspired a new more avant-garde and experimental art scene compared to the traditional southwestern fine arts/crafts scene of the region.


Crazy coincidence. We’re planning on being there that week. I look forward to attending your panel discussion.


Just confirmed-- Westworld’s Jonah Nolan will also be there:

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