Off to DragonCon

Once again I’m headed to DragonCon for the weekend. If anyone out there in the BBS community is planning on going, feel free to post pictures here!

And if you see a Fifth Element group on the lower floors of the Hyatt or Marriott on Saturday evening, I’ll be the “gimme-the-cash” guy.

Have a wonder trip. I have a soft spot for dragons!

Lucky bastard! If you get any extra freebies from the Hex TCG stand (I think they’re going) then I’m interested :slight_smile:

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Understandably. Thanks, @Falcor!

I’m damn lucky to live within a hundred miles of it. It does make me a bit lazy about planning for it, though. I’ll let you know if I run across the Hex TCG table and end up with any freebies.

Cheers :slight_smile:

hey, on the off chance you want to get away from the hotels tonight, my roommate is tending bar in Virginia Highlands. The Cavern is a smallish, normal bar in one of our nightlife areas that’s still within a few miles of the con. right next to the Chevron on the corner of Virginia and Highland. Sol is the bartender wearing the black tshirt with the Avengers, Xmen and Spidey on it. I think they’re open until at least 2am tonight.


Ah, by the time you posted this, I had already left DragonCon to spend the rest of the night with some old friends in Decatur. Thanks, though!

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How was it this year? I did just drive through D*Con crowds about few hours ago, straight down peachtree on my way to Decatur from the northside of town… It was still crowded as of lunchtime or so.

We haven’t gone in like 10 years… we should go back soon, as the kid is 10 and plenty old enough to really appreciate it now. But we can’t get a room downtown… and blah, blah, blah… grad school, job, kid… we’re old… young people get off my lawn, up hill both ways in the snow, it’s not like it was back in my day, etc. You get the point. :wink:


It was a blast, although I was pretty sore Sunday morning from all the dancing around Saturday night. I was trying to stay in character the entire time, which ended up being over seven hours.

My friends from Decatur have a 10 year old kid as well, and he got to hang around DragonCon for a while and check out a lot of the costumes. Now he’s planning his own for next year, and his dad is going to help make it. I hope they know what they’re getting into. :slight_smile:

Can’t stop LOLing

(the fun starts at 1:20 or so, all embedding disabled on this video, sorry!)

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