Take a look at how much fun we had at Weekend of Wonder


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Would have loved to be there with all you mutants. Why not plan the next one in Raleigh, tie in with Hopscotch perhaps?


Yeah we need regional Boing meets.

I could possibly make it to one in Vegas.


Isn’t it the one called Def Con?


I was recovering from a family visit, and launching rockets, that weekend. Also dreading a job assignment change.

I suspect people who went had a lot more fun. More fun than I’ll have all year, probably.


That’s completely legit. I hope you had kids around for the launches?


The family was my mother and sister, and they were gone by the weekend.

There were plenty of kids, friends’ and strangers’, at the rocket launch.


Next time kombucha and sour dough is on me.


That’s great, I love doing sciency stuff with kids.

This a’here’s our surviving rocket. The hash marks are successful launch/recovery cycles. I’ve never had one fly this many times, so I’m a little proud.


It looks like it was a blast! Congrats on a great inaugural event!

Take this shit on the road and we’ll all come out when it’s near us!


I put a very old, very powerful motor (F101-16) in one of my 20+ year old veteran rockets:

The plastic fins just kind of peeled off, and the body tube kinked.

Kind of glad it fell apart that way rather than have it end up in a tree.


Whoa, that ain’t kinked… That’s Kerbal Space Program comedy gold :smile:



Re: regional meetups - I’m convenient to NYC if anyone wants to do a little ad hoc gathering. Possibly at ComicCon? or if that is too soon, we could try to plan something for beginning of 2016 as holiday madness is upon us.


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