RIP, Mike Resnick

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I used to listen to the Escape Pod science fiction podcast. Whenever you’d hear Steve Ealy announce that it’s a resnick) Resnick story this episode, you knew you were in for an emotional Rollercoaster.

Resnick was a master at writing the beautifully tragic.

See you in the stars, Mike.


Well damn. RIP, Mr. Resnick. :frowning:


I stumbled on him some years ago with his Weird West books and enjoyed the heck out of them. I have a sad now. I will have to give his space opera a try.


Mike Resnick was one of my favorite science fiction authors… right up there with Asimov and Niven. I had gotten away from sci-fi novels over a decade ago and it was finding one of books in a “tiny free library” that sucked me back in. I wrote him a fan letter after that. He will be missed.


For I Have Touched the Sky is such a painful story.


" Today, that campaign is being used by his family to defray his medical debt…"

When losing a loved one isn’t hurt enough; Capitalism will be there to twist the knife.


RIP Mike Resnck.

Note re Medicare: Bernie advocates Medicare for All, though his proposal lacks detail about paying for its staggering costs. Pete Buttigieig has a plan called “Medicare for All Who Want It,” which includes subsidies for lower income folks. Elizabeth Warren has now moved to a go-slow approach, largely mirroring Pete’s. The point here being that all three advocate something that will do what you want don – having Medicare available for those who want it.

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