RIP Stan Freberg, parody king and satirist extraordinaire



First Jean Shepherd, now Freberg. Of the radio gods of my youth, only Ken Nordine remains…


I’m actually taking a media class this semester. The professor (a fellow huge geek like myself) and I have briefly touched on Stan’s career and influence. We didn’t go on too much as it really wasn’t part of the class, and we didn’t want to lose the other students too much.


What a loss. Growing up in the 60s I was raised on the comedy albums of the time. Newhart, Berman, Bill Dana and of course Stan Freberg. In second grade, a friend and I with the help of others around Columbus day even did a lip sync performance of Freberg’s Christopher Columbus bit. “I have a Dream, to open the first Italian restaurant in the new world”

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And the voice of Pete Puma. He popped up in so many places but so often known only by his voice that for a long time I was a Freberg fan without even realizing it.


He did a show for the Oregon Centennial, called “Oregon! Oregon!”.

“I always have so much fun at the Oregon Centennial Ball.”

“How many have you been to, lady?”


So HE’S the person that came up with the John and Marsha bit. The only version of it that I’ve heard was the John and Yoko version on the (let’s face it, incredibly obscure) Wedding Album.

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