It has been years since I've heard Porky Pig say "That's all folks!"


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Peter B. Parker : Is he allowed to say that? Legally? (in regard to Peter Porker, aka Spider Ham saying “That’s All, Folks!”) in Into the Spider-Verse




“'member Porky Pig?”

I do! Fun stuff.


Thanks, Debbie Downer.


Nah, they are just making a comment that relates to the OP wanting Porky Pig on their tombstone. Of course Mel Blanc already had that happen.


at least he lived a full life… :frowning_face:


The Mel Blanc performance I’ve heard other voice actors speak about with awe was when he did a scene where Daffy and Bugs were doing impressions of each other—and you can still clearly tell “Bugs Bunny doing his best Daffy Duck” from “Daffy Duck doing his best Bugs Bunny.”


The one I miss is the subtitle “SÅ FÅR I IKKE MERE FOR DEN 25-ØRE”

It ran on the weekly cartoon show on Danish TV which usually had a two
classic Looney Tunes, a Tom & Jerry and a Disney short back to back in the same half hour.

Yes, we lucky kids got three classic cartoons per week on that one TV channel that was available.
See: Så er der tegnefilm (Danish Wikipedia)

The good thing about this is that the person (=hero) responsible for bringing half an hour of classic US cartoons to the country’s only TV channel, Jakob Stegelmann, is still around and pulling strings to show proper animation films on public television and makes sure that classic shorts still run on the general interest TV channel sandwitched by newer Disney animations.


Ya beat me to it.

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