Mel Blanc's radio show: 40+ free, downloadable episodes


What I really need to get is more recordings of Daws Butler, specifically the Stan Freberg show.

Butler was arguably a better voice actor and teacher. Blanc took better advantage of technology to extend his range of voices, was affiliated with cartoons that better fit our current pacing preferences… and hired a publicist, which certainly didn’t hurt.

ya I would of been more into this but I remember getting annoyed by the overuse of the porky pig voice

It’s pretty much the complete run, I believe. Somebody gave me a copy of these a few years back. It’s a great cast. I remember wishing they were funny.

Blanc’s work on Benny’s show was classic. He played just about every on-off role needed on the show. His two most famous recurring parts were of Jack’s long-suffering violin teacher, who never seemed to be able to get Jack to pay for his lessons, and on several Christmas season shows, a store clerk working the gift wrapping counter. Jack could never decide on exactly the right gift for announcer Don Wilson, and kept changing his mind, but not until after Mel’s character had already wrapped it. Oh, and of course, he also provided the sound effects whenever Benny started up his Maxwell.

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