Rising levels of a banned chemical are threatening the ozone layer (again)


Any bets on China?


He gave up on eco-activism after everybody complained about the bad guys’ plot in Quantum of Solace being so lame. As though stealing a country’s water was small potatoes next to e.g. starting a nuclear war.


I for one am shocked, shocked I tell you, that you would automatically cast aspersions on our new overlords.


Yeah maybe you’re going to need to go full sentence for me to parse that. I’m seeing AN implication, but it’s really not at all clear what is being implied.


The Ozone hole is an interesting example of anthropogenic climate change which was reversed by timely action on a global scale.
That and acid rain are good counter-examples to people who claim human action can’t have an impact at that scale.


Except that at this point I more-or-less expect a tweetstorm from Der Gropenfuhrer about what a terribleverybadnogood deal the Montreal Protocol was, how the ‘East Asians’ are swindling the US, announcing the US’ withdrawal from the Montreal Protocol, and declaring US$1B of govt funding to build the bebestgreatest CFC-11 plant in Wisconsin … which just coincidentally will be owned by one J Kushner.


How about Moose and Squirrel?


I’ve taken a look at the trends in ozone depleting chemicals and really apart from one (trichloroethane) most of the others have not shown any significant decline. I suppose at least the Montreal protocol has stabilized emissions.


Except that people who deny global warming often deny effects of CFC:s and acid rain too. It’s all part of the same big environmentalist conspiracy to ruin modern society.


He’s going to have to buy Wisconsin from the Kochs. They own it right now.


Interesting graph! I was curious about persistence of these compounds in the atmosphere and looked them up. The half-life of CFC-12 in the atmosphere is about 100 years, so if no CFC-12 was released between 1992 and 2016 you’d expect a decrease of only about 20%. Trichloroethane is much more reactive and has a half-life of 2-5 years, which explains why it’s almost all gone.


I have my suspicions


That is a compelling argument.


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