Study attributes mysterious rise in CFC emissions to eastern Chinese manufacturing

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This is how I imagine the Chinese response to that information.


Don’t worry. Golden tits is building a wall and our immigration is so messed up even pollution can’t get in. /s




Yeah, c’mon, China. If you want to race up to first world status, you still gotta play by the rules. The CFC ban has had clear, measurable results. Let’s not fuck this up.

(Trying to avoid making snide comment that they won’t have to worry about increased skin cancer because it can’t make it through the smog. Oh, dammit… I failed.)


No shit it’s due to shady manufacturers, need to see real progress on curbing these emissions but seems like most countries are living the #yolo life

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Article says “[o]ne tonne of CFC-11 is equivalent to around 5,000 tonnes of CO2” but does not express how deadliness is quantified.

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In this each of these two boxes we have 100 rogue CFC 11 manufacturers or distributors we will now add CFC 11 to box A and CO2 to box B and see the results.

I means a tonne of CFC-111 will trap 5,000 times the long wave energy that the equivalent amount of CO2 would. The greenhouse effect works by gases in the atmosphere being transparent to short wave radiation from the sun and absorbing a portion of the long wave radiation from the Earth’s surface.

CO2 is not a great absorber of energy from long wave radiation, but because there’s so much of it it has a large effect (same for water vapor which actually absorbs more than CO2). CFCs and Methane are far more efficient energy absorbers but (normally) there’s a lot less in the atmosphere. The ozone destroying effects of CFCs are just lovely by-product and because they require high ice clouds, the effects are actually magnified by a warmer lower atmosphere which means colder high atmosphere for the CFCs to work their surface chemistry black magic on CFCs and HCFCs.

The Chinese need to get this dealt with quickly


Not going to hold my breath while we wait on China to enforce sane environmental policy.

Like almost everything, it’s got to hurt them financially before shit will get done.

Maybe a little “um, we’re going to source our polyurethane foam from environmentally friendly countries until you solve this little issue…” would help. Doesn’t make sense to “cheat” in the production of something if you have no market for it.


Doesn’t matter which gas you add to the box. If the assumption is that they replace oxygen both will be as dead.

The study, which was fully funded by the “Wasn’t Us Foundation”, found that no US companies have contributed to pollution in any way.

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Next fox news headline: Trump pulls out of the Montreal accords to MAGA.

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