Bill Nye: 'You can't build a border wall against carbon dioxide emissions'

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No, it would have to be more like a dome, or maybe be really really tall…

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Yeah, try telling that to the Galt’s Gulch Gated Community crowd.

“According to the Ontario government, about half of the 5,000 premature deaths caused by smog in the province every year can be attributed to air pollution that crosses the Canada-U.S. border.” (CBC) So, If you could get going on that dome, that’d be great.

…which is why Elon and the rest of the younger 0.1% are going to Mars.

Where they’ll die, because Mars is tougher than Elon.


Bad idea, yo…

True. We should have all learned our lesson about domes by now.



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We are going to put up a giant wall of fans and make the Americans pay for it.

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