Border Patrol union deletes 2012 anti-border wall web page that argued walls waste taxpayer money


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Il Douche’s most loyal LEO union proving its members’ fealty once again. Erasing history is apparently an American value for them (unless you’re talking about error-ridden no-fly lists and stale mandatory search flags).


It’s like they still don’t get it; nothing is ever permanently deleted from the internet.


It’s interesting how opaque those see-through columns of steel get when viewed at moderate angles.


Border Patrol

The new Disney movie due out any time now…


I don’t know. It simply doesn’t track that Republicans would focus on the symptoms of perceived problems rather root causes. When have we ever witnessed that? Except for the war on drugs. And poverty. And abortion. And crime. And racism. And the death of their party. And the fact that most Americans hate their fucking faces.


What an incredible document that rejects most of Donald’s white nationalist baloney. Still King Dong rages on, shuts down the government and threatens to declare a national because he can’t get his wall.original-original


We should build the wall and Chirsto and the National Endowment of the Arts pay for it.


Either way, it was a compromised position and should not have be given any value.

Sure, their current position (and especially how they arrived at it) is seen to be simply a naked caving-in to the Trumpist position.

But previously, the Border Patrol could be against a wall because: hey, let’s pour that money into BP personnel and gear used by the BP.

We don’t (or shouldn’t) give too much value to police unions, with regards to police budgets, sentencing guidelines, or prison conditions. Why should we care what the Border Patrol unions think, one way or another?

Having said that, holy shit does the screengrab regarding “Border Fences and Walls” seem like a fairly sensible and measured take on the issue. (Albeit, the BP take is that “its not the illegal immigration, its the employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens.” No, its that our economic system makes it untenable for citizens to take the low-paying jobs illegal aliens – and only illegal aliens – will take.)


Cops are trash. Film at 11.


Couldn’t the Space Force build the wall? it’s probably already in their budget.



Is it coincidence that the group behind him look like a gang of skinheads, or was it planned?


We’ve always been at war with Eastasia


They have to build it out of solar panels and local Texans can use the free energy… the sun pays. (I’m joking around fwiw)


( my thanks to those who resisted posting this , allowing me to !!! )


Ha!! Actually one of my concerns about “the wall” is an environmental one. Preventing the free movement of wildlife. I wonder if the christo “fence” had any issues in that way. At least his installations are temporary.


The beauty of your idea is that the panels would have to face south, so it would be Mexican sunlight that is used.


I heard that Mexican sunlight causes cancer.


I am struck by how utterly valuable has been so far during this moment in our history. I am going to donate to them next time I have money to donate.