RiYL podcast 007: Larry Livermore


He’s that guy with the laboratory, right?

I recognize the name from his infrequent columns in my issues of Maximum Rock-n-Roll from the late 80s/early 90s. Not really a podcast kinda guy–any transcripts?

Infrequent? I thought he was in there every month, or close to it. I remember he left (with Jeff Bale) during the summer of 1994, and that was the last issue I bought.

it is very possible i’m remembering it wrong. and come to think of it, I wasn’t introduced to MRR until the summer of '90, had a glitch in my time-line.

EDIT: @Gyrofrog, so i checked my zine stash out of boredom. I still have 7 MRR issues. who knows where the rest of them went. the 9/95 issue I got because my friend’s band was in it: no Lawrence, which fits what you said. The other 6 issues were between 90 and 92. Issues without Larry: four. With: two. not a very big sample to draw from, but it explains why i considered his columns sporadic. I think Mykel Board is the only columnist in all 7 of my remaining issues.

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