Roanoke Times reader burned up by pronunciation of "Cockburn"


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Pronunciation is inconsistent. Why is that? Must be the liberals.

I know this comment won’t be posted because this website is too cool and never wants to print the truth.



The Marquess of Cholmondeley disagrees


It’s a slightly unfortunate name, but think of the easy name recognition! Ideal for a politician, no? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Yeah, this stuff really burns my… uh, britches.


Bless his heart.


I think I have the best political name.


From the replies there:

“You may believe they don’t print the truth but they do do print letters that reveal the ignorance of some.” -Frank Kallio

Right on Frank.


Our area of VA is well known for bizarre pronunciations. Staunton is Stan-ton, Monte Video is Mont Vid-ee-oh, Mcgaheysville somehow gets an extra “ck” to be Mcgack-ees-ville. Why? No one seems to know. I seriously doubt her name is pronounced as it is out of shame, but because “It’s just how things is done in these here parts.”


Or because it is how it was always done


And for the record - its “Fa-Gee-Ta”, not “fa-he-ta” Our months are not “Hune” or Huly" and my wife’s name is not “Huedy” its “Jewdy”… :sunglasses:

ok, ok, I’ll see myself out…


That’s how I knew this guy was a liberal.


And yet I feel certain this wingnut has no problem with the way Bret Favre pronounces his last name.


Think of how many words there are in the English language with silent letters, or letters that are pronounced very differently than they commonly are. Then consider that a person’s family name is his/her heritage, and you usually pronounce it like your grandparents did, and there are lots of “oddly” spelled and pronounced names.

So, this guy calls himself a “conservative”?


Learned long ago that all pronunciation rules are off when it comes to names. Especially those from old Britain. Some examples:

Worcestershire = Wustesher
Featherstonehaugh = Fanshaw
Cholmondeley = Chumly

The list goes on.




Conservatives sure do get butthurt over a little cockburn.


Second CK?


It’s not only silent, it’s invisible!