Rob Ford police document: allegations of heroin use and more


Are there any sincere breakdowns of Ford’s continuing popularity that aren’t lazy references to Idiocracy?

People like morons. I have never understood why.

People ELECT morons. And that goes for EVERY political party. . .everywhere.

Today on radio talking football in Washington, while avoiding questions and repeating more racist name ideas for football teams, Ford offered the one statement that could kill his core support.

He said he supports two tiered health care.
That is political death in this country and should be robocalled to all his supporters.

Unfortunately for Ford’s subjects, he seems to be more of the ‘slow-motion-human-train-wreck’ type, rather than the ‘morally flawed, but highly effective manager’ type who actually keeps the ‘organized’ in ‘organized crime’.

So 4/20 means the same thing in Canada, huh?

I actually came to the thread in hopes of seeing perhaps one new Rob Ford joke. At this point, though, I think all the veins have been tapped, which is why we’re forced to recycle and make Rob Ford joke jokes.

It does, only because we live next door to you and speak the same language.

Ford is becoming more of a tragedy than anything else. It boggles my mind that he is 44. I wouldn’t take bets on him seeing 50. He is marginalized at Toronto City Hall, a laughing stock around the world. And he is completely unable to accept responsibility for his failures and weaknesses. Given how spectacularly they have been happening, and his absolute refusal to accept anything other than continued political office, I think he will take the whole train wreck thing as far as he can - probably to his grave.

I wouldn’t trade places with him for anything. He shouldn’t be in office, he should be in recovery somewhere and trying to mend his relationships with the people who still care about him. That won’t happen (it would require taking responsibility for his choices). I think from now on I will look away until it is over.

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Even though there’s much real news in the Ford story, it’s mostly of a type that tends to attract gigantic overdoses of sensational, prurient, mocking coverage. So it’s plenty real and newsworthy, yet it’s also a hugely overblown distraction from all kinds of other issues that affect more or less all Canadians, not just Ford, his circle and the people of Toronto.

So I am also going to try to look away until it’s over, or at least until he’s charged with a crime. Which he probably won’t be, being a law-and-order Conservative and buddies with several members of our law-and-order Conservative federal government. You’d think those people would want to string him up, but well, different rules for friends, eh? When it comes to friends, forget criminal charges, we need hugs and healing! Sickening hypocrisy.

Hold on “all the veins have been tapped”. Is that a heroin reference? I think that he has single handedly made the Daily Show’s ratings this season. More to come, I’m sure.

Reminds me of the Florida right-wing proponent of drug testing welfare recipients who was recently arrested under the influence of cocaine. Which is a respectable drug for respectable members of the community.

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