Rob Porter's ex-wives told FBI of abuse, he got Trump WH job and security clearance anyway

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It’s simply insane how little regard the WH has for operational security. It’s almost as if the Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians, etc. could just waltz right on into the oval office anytime they pleased. Oh wait! no need, they could be blackmailing any one of these idiots.

Porter was dating Hope Hicks the office wife gateway to trump for crying out loud. Icing on the Putin cake of intel?



Now you know what they mean by hands-on approach.



How could this be? Doesn’t Mr. Trump have a zero-tolerance policy on violence against women?


So… he couldn’t pass the background check but they gave him some sort of provisional security clearance, anyways. And John “in my time women were cherished” Kelly was not just cool with him, but his active supporter and defender. Fuck. Them. All.

I’m wondering how many people without clearance were given access to classified information by the White House anyways.

@Papasan It’s amazing how many photos there are from the White House where not a single person remains working there, even after only a year.


Roger That! It’s some kind of record breaker, likely to be held for many years to come.


I don’t how one could break the record, absent some sort of civil war or the White House being blown up somehow…


The latter scenario somehow wouldn’t even surprise me anymore.

“Honey, wake up! trump blew up the White House!”
“Go back to bed. It’s just like yesterday.”


Yeah ok. Right. Kids in love … blah blah … hormones… light S&M…

Shades of Blackmail


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Oh, for $%#@'s sake.
Donald is the last person to care that one of his people beat his wives. And he’s the kind of person who attracts people who wouldn’t care either. For that matter, Donald surely abused his wives one way or another since he in fact, and always has been, an abusive person.


The “3 Rs” as practiced by GOPers: Revolting Racists & Rapists.

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Why is this bad, even if you don’t care about violence against women? Because blackmail risk.

What blackmail risk? They seem proud of it. They practically put it on their CV. “Hey, lookame, I can abuse women and just walk awaaay”.

And someone else said “I want this man on my team”.


Thanks for that email address, I’ll keep it on file. In this instance, couldn’t really tell which ad was causing the trouble as it was autoplaying.

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