Robert Charles Wilson's The Affinities: when science changes everything

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Bonfire of the Affinities?

for clarification, not advocating the book be burned, merely blurting out the bit of book title mash-up that came to mind when i read the headline

Agree with Cory 100%. This is not only a terrific novel, it’s a necessary novel.


For a moment I thought it was Robert Anton Wilson.

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I generally don’t rank my favorites, but, if I did, Robert Charles Wilson would probably be in my top 5 for SF authors. He has really cool premises and great character work and both often resonate well with each other and the themes he’s exploring.

I haven’t gotten this one yet, but I will at some point.

Interesting idea. Personally, I think a team works better if you’ve got a variety of opposed personality types (assuming that they’re all capable of being professional about it.) You need some folks who are alway going full speed ahead to keep things moving, and some more cautious people to keep them from running the enterprise off a cliff.

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