Robin Williams, mime (1974)




Not the last time, for sure.


A mime? How horrifying! I can only assume he was desperate for work - I know it’s hard getting started.


Charlie Chaplin? Mime. Harpo Marx? Mime. (Also silent physical comedians, which is different).

Keep in mind that 90% of everything is crap.


Rainbow suspenders? Check.

Hairy chest and forearms? Check.

Yup, it’s Robin Williams.


But who is the other guy? I want to know!


Good mimes are no less artists than any other type of physical comedian. They’re no more responsible for bad mimes than Jim Henson is for the assholes that harass tourists for money while dressed as Elmo.


You silent motherfuckers!


Todd Oppenheimer1


The fact that there are, so far, two Shakes the Clown references makes me happy. I love how Williams could be funny/silly and also menacing. Williams as Mime Jerry


Homework for Juilliard?


Mime is money!


I find this to be a lovely balm for the sadness of losing him.


I was privileged to see Marcel Marceau in action. It was astonishing. Also Rowan Atkinson doing mime. Incredible.

Mime is one of the purest expressions of any artistic format - the strictures and reduction of communication (the white face and eye makeup massively diminish our ability to pick up facial cues) mean that only the very finest performers can communicate well; and Robin Williams was extremely good.

It’s not abstract - it’s performance stripped to the bare bones, challenging the artist to extend their capabilities so far that they can captivate an audience with so little - and it takes a heck of a lot of soul. You can guarantee a good mime is a great performer.

I’m off to youtube now. Laters.


But there’s no telling what a bad mime is capable of—especially once he breaks character and starts speaking to his arch-nemesis.


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