Robot outwits "I am not a Robot" Captcha


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Not unlike with other bigotry, it seems to me that people who run sites and web services are not biased against robots themselves, but rather are against what they represent. Which I am guessing is acting as proxies for malicious human actors.


Robot outwits “I am not a Robot” captcha

and with a fair amount of élan


I can barely pass those effing things.


Bad news, you just failed the latest Voight-Kampff.



Except it doesn’t, actually. The reCaptcha is now a more sophisticated system of risk analysis and relies on other behaviors. It isn’t just a matter of clicking on the box.

Still a cute bot, though.

Edit: On the other hand. Maybe the bot’s use of the track pad did fool the reCaptcha. It’s a black box. I dunno.



Looking forward to “The Next Episode,” in which robots become persecuted to the point of becoming our Matrix overlords a-la Animatrix’s “The Second Renaissance”




Was that a real “Robot”.

Or some guy using a remote control ‘robot arm’. Because it looks like some guy with a human controlled mechanical arm.

Which technically is NOT a robot.


Well, yes… but…


Aww man! I thought it was going to pick out the pictures of storefronts. Even I can’t always get the storefronts one.


What happens when the website’s response is “Yeah - you are. I don’t believe you.”



I’ve got the same robot arm. You can buy a computer interface for it but the standard device just has switches to control the motors.


I, for one, welcome our new robotic chief executive.

(As an alternative to what we have now, anyway)


Sheesh, people.



I’ve been waiting for this…