Robotic parcel sorting facility in China

At 10 seconds in, they show some sort of immobile robot. Are they common in China?

Especially given that the vast majority of chinese citizens are, shall we say, unable to make career changes.


My thoughts were along those lines, too.
While the ‘robot’ (read independent carrier units) system clearly must have some advantages, this is anything but revolutionary. The same thing can be done with a conveyor belt systems from which the parcels are pushed into different chutes for exit.
On a conveyor belt it would of course take more time for a parcel to ride on the train to a far off chute (can put in short cuts but it stays a static, one-size-fits-not-everyone kind of thing, and time will be lost)

On a dynamic system like this, unnecessary wait time can be reduced. Also, more computing power might still be able to pick faster routes (less waiting for another unit to pass) as it increases.

Also orange little units are cuter than a fat noisy conveyor belt.

Yup, although I’m not aware of there being many Christmas parcels.

Loved the music!

I wrote some lyrics you can sing along with it!

Hello to automation,
Good bye to my job! Well,
I’m gonna sell my organs,
Dumdedum de dum dedum dum!


no, adjusting the acceleration values is enough for the parcels not to fall off, i noticed though a robot who tried to unload without something on top of it, i guess the guy putting it on top of it did not take care, and the package was hanging off to far on one side of the bot, so it got pushed off by a passing robot, pushing it off . that ali express package just turned into a soccer ball for a legion of orange bots, never to be seen again. and there i sit, wondering what happened to my cheap chinese knock off products which never arrived… probably ended up as kickball for robots as well :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the cute music to cover the sound of thousand electric motors in a wide open space.

Kraftwerk should be in charge of the soundtrack ! Cut the sound, and watch it again with this background noise :


Humans can be seen fading away from factories with these.

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In the adjacent room are many technicians repairing and maintaining robot sorters.
(This sorter’s got a bad motivator!)

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That’s complete bullshit


This could be city or provincial level sorting. At the local level it’s a one story tall pile of packages and a crew of young guys frantically trying to sort them before they get fined. This story is fairly accurate:
I get new delivery guys dropping off packages every two months or so, they don’t stay long once they realize they can get better paying easier work. It’s just the first step when they arrive from outer province.


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