Robotic parcel sorting facility in China


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What? Those parcels aren’t even robotic!


This factory needs 1000 cats.


I imagine this is what my internal organs are doing when I eat street tacos in Tijuana. Goofy music and all.


How do you know what are in those parcels? Maybe this is a robot factory shipping out robots.

MAYBE… Skynet is getting ready for next Thursday.


The company estimates its robotic sorting system is saving around 70-percent of the costs a human-based sorting line would require.

And the workers lose 100% of their paycheck.


Richard Garfield’s dream come true…


I’ve heard there’s a buggy whip makers union, maybe they could seek representation there?


Why don’t they have a branching tree system of conveyor belts? Seems like it would be a lot faster and cheaper.


I didn’t see any packages slip off the tops of the robots during acceleration and deceleration. Maybe the four holes I noticed on top of one of the robots is for a little onboard… vacuum?


Came here to do that, beaten.


Bright orange mini-bots that crawl around like cute mammalian organisms in a scrubbed environment where nary a minor chord can be heard? Nothing but sunshine and warm spring days in that factory. The kiddos are gonna love the future! “Doo doo doo doo duh-do duh-do!”


which is, what, $1 and the promise of a new suicide net?



Actually, FedEx and UPS bring in a lot of temp workers around Christmas. Among unskilled folks, these are considered good paying jobs, but hard work.


They celebrate Christmas in China?


The Chinese version of Robot Wars seems much rangier if a little sedate.


It’s a lot harder to relocate or expand conveyor belts.

If a belt goes down, that’s en entire line down. If a robot goes down, the throughput is just slightly slower.


another $#@&*% traffic jam at ZJ97!
when are they going to fix this?


A preview of NYC traffic in 20 years.