San Francisco put the kibosh on delivery robots for now


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San Francisco be like:


Razor-sharp spinning blade attachments should work to keep the sidewalks clear for these. I also think it would be nice if they had festive holiday lights for deliveries this time of year.


Looks like a Rascal elder-folk scooter with some arduino vision system and GPS mapping and some homegrown collision avoidance software. Can’t see how it would make money, but maybe after a few cycles of Moore’s Law?


Wow, I bummed out about this.


You know, the Streets of San Francisco aren’t crowded, chaotic, and treacherous enough… I mean, some of the hills are so significant, they have stairs built into them. No, what they would use are some giant fucking robots.


It looks like a pint-sized Zamboni, and with San Francisco not being a hockey town, no wonder they turned it down.


Why do I get the feeling that it will just beep incessantly – like a forklift backing up – all the time…

“Thou shalt not make a machine that beeps at a human.” – the Orange Catholic Bible
(Or at least that should be one of the commandments in there.)




Pity. Someone could have remade the chase scene from Bullit with a couple of those.


Worker’s comp for machines? Why not office supplies while you’re at it? Free the blue mailboxes!


Hmm… Little rolling boxes that everyone knows are filled with something worth delivering…

Nah, I can’t imagine that anyone with a crowbar to pry doors open would ever target these…


All I could think of:


I’m wondering what happens if you throw a blanket over one of these? Okay, they have GPS, how about a space blanket?


A jumbo chip bag.


YES! I immediately thought of the same. Will these new robots help restore star charts?


WHILE ‘Company Name’ thinks delivery robots are a good idea DO
Push delivery robot over on its side;
Crowbar it open;
Steal its contents;


There’s an important issue here that you’re all missing: how to pronounce the word ‘kibosh’?

I’ve noticed it becoming more popular in American discourse lately, but with a variant pronunciation to what I’m used to. The way I’ve always heard it in Blighty is with a long ‘aye’ sound and stress in the first syllable — “KY-bosh”. But I’m hearing it lately on YouTube and US news reports with a short ‘i’ sound and no stress — “kib-osh”.

Clearly, the new pronunciation is wrong </irony>, but equally clearly the US will dominate and pretty soon everybody will be saying “kib-bosh” and looking at me funny for pronouncing it the way I’ve always heard it up to now.


(Yes, I know they can levitate now.)


Daleks Do Not Climb Stairs, They Level Buildings!