Robotic scarecrow wields a 25,000-volt stun gun


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Grizzly bear will eat the fuk out if that pice of crap…

Nothing like the blatant ingenuity of mans stupidity trying to take reigns on the wild… Haha try again…

It is not a stun gun it is just a toy pretty similar to this.
Reporter “as you see he moves his head, has a gun which makes noise to scare animals”

Mate, you don’t scare bears. You may think you do when they are just scavenging and they become used to your pseudo defensive strategies. But, they will eat you if they feel threatened. Guaranteed. A bloody mess.

One look at that thing with no animal sent; agreed they will become curious, then zap, then comes the mauling.

It’s a Bearcrow.


So this is the beginning prototype for this, right?

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The video description (which was not included in the article) says “armed with a swinging chain that delivers 25,000 volts to any living thing it touches.” No such thing is visible in the video, though. Certainly no mention or implication of a “stun gun” anywhere.

Also, “scarecrow”? Jesus, “scarebear” was right there.

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