Man displays speed and agility by trying to punch bear trap before it can close


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If it doesn’t work, there’s always that job as a pirate captain.


Well that ended with the result I pretty much expected.


Next time punch it with your head … no danger of anything important getting broken there.


The associated videos in the montage look like some may feature animals caught in traps, either accidentally or deliberately. I hope I’m wrong.

(I’m assuming the montage is an automated youtube thing.)


This is the kind of programming we gave companies rights to our airwaves for. Thank you for your sacrifice most-american-man-named-dieter-I’ve-ever-seen.


Wow, just wow…


that link is staying blue.


Is this a gag? It doesn’t seem like he makes any attempt at getting his hand out of there. Just kind of a slow and firm pressing down on the plate.


And around the country hospitals put more orthopedists and neurosurgeons on call.


Is it a trendy thing? Like that poor couple from Estados Unidos who performed a trick with a loaded Desert Eagle and a book.

To put life, or the hand, at risk just for likes on Youtube? By what I’ve been reading, Youtube stopped giving money to videos like that.


O hell no, if you fail you’re an instant celebrity! fifteen minutes here I come! Like me on Facebook! (But the little thumbs-up icon is left-handed.)


For a moment I thought he could be well succeeded. I was sure Boingboing wouldn’t post a video of a nice guy with his hand severed by a crazy contraption during a daredevil stunt.

Fortunatelly he ended like an old cartoon character.


I wonder how this turns out
(sees video is posted by Rob Beschizza)
Well that answers my question


Screen Shot 26


It didn’t use the word ‘gentleman’ so I figured he had a shot at making it.

Maybe that was an oversight in the title.


I was a modelmaker for 30 years and was once tasked with creating a dozen or more bear traps for a photo shoot that were supposed to be maneuvered around by a model. We purchased several real bear traps and briefly considered just modifying them for safety instead of making fakes. Ultimately, the client decided that the real ones were not scary enough, so we made exaggerated ones from scratch, instead.

The ironic thing is that my crew and I considered the real thing much more frightening. It’s a tossup whether the spikes or the spring is the more intimidating element, but together they make for a disgusting display of mechanical force. The traps came plastered with warnings telling the user to never even test them. Only set them when you have a bear to kill then and there.

We all worked hard to get the gut churning imagery of how these work in the wild out of our minds afterward. If I had the foresight to imagine a day when a human of this nature would intentionally do it to himself instead of a bear, it would have been quite a bit more comforting.


I know! It was slo-mo even before the slo-mo kicked in.


Anyone else notice in both videos how they used their left hands? Either they were both lefties, or maybe hedging their bets on if they could actually pull it off.


Yeah from what i’ve heard real bear traps have the potential to not just ensnare a person’s limbs but it could also break bones in some circumstances. That’s just a whole lot of nope from me.