Man displays speed and agility by trying to punch bear trap before it can close


Wondering if somehow creating the same consequences for unsolicited dick pics could be worked out? That would be interesting.


And if you make some money during these 15 minutes. The betst of two worlds.


It will maybe pay that bill for the emergency room visit.


Not if the current Congress has its way!


What an idiot; torn jeans are no longer fashionable.



There should not be any such thing as a leg-hold bear trap. Or any leg-hold traps, for that matter.


He should have opened with “Here, hold my beer while I do this.”


First the coin trap, now THIS? What’s next? A car-trap?


I’m with you. They need to come up with a live trap for a bear. That way they can shoot it safely with a tranquilizer, then do whatever when it’s anesthetized. Hopefully by taking it somewhere remote.


Anyone else notice in both videos how they used their left hands?

See? That’s how you can tell he’s not dumb!


Ban the Man Trap!


(Seriously, I agree with you.)




I don’t think that’s a live trap, it looks more like a relocation trailer. Like, after tranquilizing the bear they put it in there, drive to a location, and release the bear.


I was expecting him to punch one of the side bits rather than the trigger, to satisfy the dare on a technicality.


Ah, Dipshit Bible-belt Jackass! My favorite show!


It’s like he didn’t even try to yank it out…


Yeah… My SO grew up overseas and I just had to explain the Texas snake churches to her. Flabbergasted, to say the least.


Overseas where? It’s similar to cobra charming in parts of Asia in some respects.

This reminds me of one of the great tunes by Underworld. King of Snake

Live Version from Everything Everything.