Rocket failure forces emergency landing by joint American-Russian crew


Director Fritz Lang later said that he should have patented the countdown.


It’ll happen if your separatrons are too far off the centre of mass of the boosters. It’ll introduce a rotation.


If you can’t be bothered with Sepratrons, there’s always the centrifugal separation trick. Just set the rocket spinning on the longitudinal axis immediately prior to staging…


Real good thing that the emergency system of the space ship worked like a charm.
Still the Soyus us one of the safest and most reliable systems out there. There was just one fatal accident in over 50 years.


It’s also the motto of the RAF.




According to Event Horizon, the ship you attempt to salvage may also attempt to salvage you; so exercise caution even in the full-rights case.


I’m glad that everyone made it out, that’s a pretty good outcome for unscheduled suborbital disassembly.

That said, I have to imagine that Roscosmos has to be getting a little jumpy about their recent incidents. If you find yourself no longer able to get reliablity out of the Soyuz, despite it being a mature design with an enviable record on that score, you really have to consider deep organizational problems as a likely factor.


Yeah if you want scary, try an abort like this in a space shuttle. We know how that ended. The orbiter disintegrated along with its boosters, instead of flying out of the disaster and landing.


Really? Learned something new.


The Soyuz is the most reliable lunch vehicle ever created but space travel is still very risky. Play the odds long enough…


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