Rogue One: a bunch of character posters


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But is it in 2D?


I have never liked prequels; knowing how everything turns out somehow ruins things for me.

But this might be good.


I feel like–with Marvel’s strategy working so well–Disney is going to want there to be Easter eggs in this film that touch upon and expand the events in The Force Awakens. Like, the slimmest foreshadowing of where Snoke might have come from, or some hint at who Rey’s parentage might be… seems a shame to “waste” a whole year and a whole film when you could be furthering the new narrative you’re trying to build. But it’s probably wishful thinking on my part.


The force binds everything.


We don’t know what will happen to any of THESE characters though. So it’s less like watching the prequel trilogy than like watching Saving Private Ryan in full knowledge that the allies win WWII.




I dunno, dood…they don’t appear later in the timeline at all, despite their skill and importance sooo…yeah. Spoiler: They die.


That seems like a leap. I mean, THIS fucker never showed up later in the timeline but we never got to see him die:


One day, my friend. One fucking day.


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