Rogue One’s Director Krennic loves his Death Star in this delightful cartoon

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It was kind of sad how he obviously just started wearing a cape because he wanted to fit in with the cool kids, but then Vader went all Mean Girls on him anyway.


Such devotion, it’s amazing Krennic didn’t become a watchword in the annals of the Empire. His fame was shorter than the life of his creation, sad!

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It sucks being in middle management.


“At least he has his precious Death Star baby”

No wait… he doesn’t.



Admiral Tarkin??

Saw the movie on Monday. For me, Krennic was really the standout part, pretty from the moment on when he blows his cheeks in frustration with Mikkelsen. He wants to be a tough cool guy like Vader and the others, even has the (probably quite expensive) fancy white suit and cape, but in the end he’s just a regular guy who wants to climb up in the hierarchy but doesn’t quite have the guts for it.


I think he has plenty of guts, it’s just a position that’s forever outside of his reach despite his ambitions and he pays for his hubris. I’d say it’s akin to someone in medieval Europe (or any other past time) trying to rise too far above their class, at one point they’d reach too far and those above them would put them in their place.

Tarkin on the other hand is clearly a natural and outclasses poor Krennic. But i did find him to be an interesting villain, more so than the other incarnations of Star Wars antagonists we’ve seen. Also i really liked his uniform, very small detail that really made the character pop for me.


Hm, thinking about it, the guts thing might have been misplaced. I was thinking about how he couldn’t stand up to Tarkin, but that might just be the Empires hierarchy at work. Tarkin in turn can’t outreach Vader. He is good at his job, but there could be a ceiling that he can never break. Pity that we don’t know much about the system and how upwards mobile it is (please no explanations from the EU ;)). If it’s indeed akin to medieval systems - hey, we have counts and lords and emperors and stuff - he is just stuck. A count can achieve a high rank in the court bureaucracy, but without a promotion to at least duke level, he’ll never be part of the ruling circle.

Also, at the very end, he definitely didn’t seem cowardly. Rather resigned.

Darn, you convinced me.

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I never really gave Tarkin’s position much thought until i was watching a youtube video recently. I’d always assumed that Tarkin was under Vader’s command, but in the movies you see Tarkin give Vader direct orders. Most of the time Tarkin is actually Vader’s superior, but there are situations where they’re equals.

Vader’s place in the Empire is an odd one because most of the time he acts as a special agent that operates at the very boundaries of the Empire’s hierarchy. He’s not exactly a military officer. But there are specific situations where he does officially assume a military role, and he even commands his own special class of ship. A super star destroyer (the Executor)

In the first movie Vader was basically Big Bad Enforcer, not an evil warlord in his own right. More “Jaws” than “Blofeld”. He didn’t become right-hand man to the Emperor until Empire.


Quite true, as much as i love the movies i don’t watch them often because i like to keep it fresh for the odd viewing. But i’d never really given the particulars on Vader’s role much thought other than he’s The Villain.

But i enjoy finding out these details from movies over time :slight_smile:

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