"Rogue One" Trailer

Interesting to see how far the Star Wars films have come on representations of women in the short time since Disney grabbed the franchise.

First we had six consecutive films which all failed the Bechdel test, and in which the only female characters deemed important enough to have their names mentioned onscreen were all close relatives of Luke Skywalker.

Then The Force Awakens gave us a female main character who may or may not be related to Skywalker but who at least had meaningful conversations with at least two other women.

Now we have a movie with a female main character that passes the Bechdel test in the first few seconds of the trailer! And it looks like Mon Mothma might get more than 30 seconds of screen time this time around too.

The only question is “how will Hasbro manage to avoid making any action figures based on female characters this time around?”


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