Rogue planet hurtling toward a collision with Earth and other tabloid stunners

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Way too late. That was supposed to happen in 1994, hurtling between the Earth and the moon. I was also promised a dramatic increase in savagery, super-science, and sorcery.


What Planet X again? Wasn’t it supposed to destroy mankind last time?

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No, it won’t destroy mankind.

The Mi-Go who live there might, though.

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What Mi-Go?

It’s the Clangers, I’m sure of it.

Is it really too late? It often IS 1994. As of today, it has been 1994 for 365 days, while it has been 2016 for only 251 days. This means that it is 1994 approximately 31% more of the time.


In 115 days time it will have been 2016 more often that it has been 1994.

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This could happen, but is by no means guaranteed. If it doesn’t, there are bound to be shake-ups in the calendar publishing business! If only there was such a thing as calendar insurance…

Are you expecting a Calendar (New Style) Act 2016, or total existence failure?

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