Roku's 3600R streaming stick just rules


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We’ve had the Roku 2 XS for about 3 or 4 years now and it works pretty well. Is there anything the 3600R would bring us that our current one doesn’t, or is this a case of “If you’re getting a new one anyway, get this?” (The only complaint I have is that it does crash on us once in a while, but I do wonder if that’s the Roku or the channel apps at fault.)


If you don’t need a new one, I think they are all pretty much running the same OS and doing mostly the same things. If you don’t need another, one for travel or to upgrade video resolutions, no reason I can see.

If you want to wall mount, and not run wires to a unit, this is a great way to go.


Ah, thanks. If the current one ever goes belly up, we’ll keep this one in mind, then. (Or if the 16 year old CRT TV we’re using dies and we replace that …) I know I do love my little Roku box and haven’t regretted dumping cable at all.


Still have my Roku 1.5. It still rules. Do not care that half the new channels don’t work. I bought it for Netflix and it does that flawlessly 6 years later.


Too bad you can’t sideload Kodi onto the Roku.


The wifi remote control is a substantial improvement over old-fashioned infrared, which I think was in use in 1 and 2-- No need to point at the screen anymore. Also, depending on the remote, it may have headphones for quiet watching. Not sure, but I think some of the features, like search-for-movie-across-all-services, might only be available on 3 or 4, and I think the netflix app has some features that have changed over versions, like auto-play and etc.


The 3600r streaming stick doesn’t support the roku 3/4 remote where you can plug in headphones, but you can use headphones with the roku remote app on your smartphone.


I have a Roku 3. I don’t use it a whole lot but the remote with its own headphone jack is a beautiful thing. Plus ethernet (reason I didn’t get the stick lol). My wifi’s ok but I have too many devices on wifi for it to be reliable.


I have an earlyish Roku I (v2?) and I use to control my roku box. The infrared one is always lost.


I wonder if the 2 XS was a step between the 2 and the 3? The only thing out of these features ours doesn’t have is the headphone jack.

I’d love to connect ours to the Ethernet, but that would involve drilling holes in the floor between our living room and my office. I’m pretty sure the landlord would notice sooner or later! We had some problems when we were on 802.11g, but once I upgrade to 802.11n, those mostly went away. (Yay, I can run the microwave in the kitchen without my movie shuddering to a halt!)


I don’t know what I’m on anymore. It’s kind of iffy when I’m in my room but all the consumer level wifi is rated for x-number devices anyway and with me and roommate and all our assorted gadgets it all adds up to x pretty quickly.

I should just put a WAP upstairs and be done with it but the performance is better on ethernet and the upstairs may as well not be air-conditioned.


I’ll have to try that. I have the wifi remote with the headphone jack, but the volume control switch on the side no longer works. Also, breathing on the remote wrong triggers the shortcut buttons, killing whatever I’m watching and sending me over to rent something at Blockbuster.


Does Roku still have to beg Comcast to allow HBOGO like my PS3 and Nvidia Shield?


The ROKU with the WIFI remote was flogging our network so badly we have had to take the batteries out; moved to a Firestick.


seriously? I’ll have to check this out at my friends place. That’s awesome!


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