Roland TR-09 pricing

Continuing the discussion from Roland's selling faithful new versions of classic synths:

Based on some quick searches these are selling $399 in the US and ¥50,000 here in Japan. Local MSRP is ¥54,000.

I cant stand that it’s going to be cheaper to import something made in Japan from outside Japan.

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As an Aussie, all I can say is “Welcome to our world.”.

ETA: USD399 (`AUD500) or AUD650 so that’s not the worst I’ve seen. I heard of people who’ve flown to the USA to buy a guitar because it was cheaper even after they factored in the cost of the flights.


Welcome to the global economy?


Sorry but no. It has pretty much been the rule that domestic pricing on domestic electronic products is higher than the export price.

There have been rare exceptions such as all the smaller Korg synths in the last few years where the domestic and US prices are pretty much in line. Considering that the US & Japan are the biggest sales volumes this actually makes sense as it makes sales forecasting simpler by eliminating currency risk entirely. While Europe may be technically a big market, having to do a massively fragmented advertising, packaging and support plan pushes up costs tremendously so it makes sense to set € prices higher.

Okay then.

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