Roland TR-909 drum machine made with HTML5

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if you are like me and enjoy online drum machines but hate the 909 kick and hi hats, here is an html5 808


Isn’t the legal status of Roland machine ROMs still in dispute? Or would this not use something like that?

Damn!!! That’s probably one of the coolest pieces of programming ever!

Roland made some of the best synth hardware. I’m still using an original SC-88 everyday, with Sibelius running on Linux Mint! Roland definitely ROCKS! A software Roland??? Truly cool! Thanx for this, Mark!

Doktor Avalanche just keeps on evolving.


Not hearing a single thing. I’m using Chrome. Any common mistakes I might be making?


scroll over each instrument, the name will highlight (snare, bass drum, etc), click on it, add a few hits on the white pattern buttons, hit play, then turn up each individual volume, should work!

I have the same problem. Once I add the snare it stops working. Using Firefox.

If you hate the 909 kick, something is very wrong with you.

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While this is a neat tech demo, it aint no replacement for what makes the 909 desirable. Hardware drum machines of that style are about being able to tweak knobs. Some VST/AU plugins and a hardware knob controller come close but to me anyway still arent a replacement.

For those who want to dip their toes but can’t afford a genuine TR909, try a Korg Volca Beats. Gives you a nice taste of how a drum machine can be part of dynamic performance, not just a static backing tool.

So there’s something very wrong with me then. You got a problem with that buster?

The eight hundred and eight posses a kick drum which results in women in the area exhibiting reduced intelligence.

But seriously, it’s a matter of taste. I prefer the 808 and feel the 909 kick really only belongs in techno/eurobeat 90’s dance. The 808 is more versatile IMO.

I’ve used both but owned neither, I love both kicks but honestly the 808 is really only great for BOOM while the 909 has a little more flexibility as a tool. Both of course beat the 707 that I do own.

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Jomox Analog drums have a better UI and are a LOT cheaper.

And rising and reverberating

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The hi-hats, crash and ride in a 909 are samples so an accurate model of the 909 would need to use those. The samples are only 6 bits and have had an analog envelope afterwards.

The original tune and decay controls on the 909 Kick are way too limited. There are some very simple mods you can do to the circuit to really extend the range of those controls. I did them on my 909 and now it can give a longer and lower kick than a 808.

I can respect that but when I’ve wanted more BOOM I tend to use something besides the 909. Again, not that I have one in my possession to begin with but if I did.

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