Io808: classic drum machine in the browser

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OH good, they got cow bell.


That’s a really nice and complete emulator. The sound is a bit off, but then again I haven’t heard an emulator that is quite right. This one is good enough and it makes the girlies… well, you know.

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Well holy crap. Reminds me of an early band at Raul’s in Austin (Radio Free Europe??) that did a set where they played the long version of In-A-Gadda-D-Vida, complete with drum solo. But with the most primative of drum machines. Possibly had, oh, 7-8 presets. Including rhumba!! {good times}

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I don’t know. I can handle quite a bit.

Soundwise, this one seems particularly disappointing. If it weren’t for the graphics and maybe the almost-there cowbell I wouldn’t have guessed this was supposed to be an 808.

I don’t quite buy the “nothing can do an 808 except an actual 808” thing – I have more 808 samples than is probably healthy, and reckon nobody could really tell the difference between those and the hardware in an actual track – but this one seems pretty far off.

Still, it’s a drum machine and therefore fun to play with :smiley:


One of the odd bits about the 808 was how the analog signal reacted to simple post processing like a gain increase. There are quirks like that which I think add to the charm and are damned hard (but probably not impossible) to reproduce using a digital sample.

You are right about the fun. Even stupid simple drum machines are a good time :slight_smile:


Count me with @crashproof & @anotherone this does not sound at all like an 808.

It’s beautiful and well done, and to those who don’t think it sounds like a true 808, I submit they don’t have a set of Megastudio DW90z Reference Refractors in their setup. If they did, their sonic attributes would be perfectly directed, and they’d know THE TRUTH.

For my money, I like typedrummer. So much more accessible.

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