Io808: classic drum machine in the browser


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OH good, they got cow bell.


That’s a really nice and complete emulator. The sound is a bit off, but then again I haven’t heard an emulator that is quite right. This one is good enough and it makes the girlies… well, you know.


Well holy crap. Reminds me of an early band at Raul’s in Austin (Radio Free Europe??) that did a set where they played the long version of In-A-Gadda-D-Vida, complete with drum solo. But with the most primative of drum machines. Possibly had, oh, 7-8 presets. Including rhumba!! {good times}


I don’t know. I can handle quite a bit.


Soundwise, this one seems particularly disappointing. If it weren’t for the graphics and maybe the almost-there cowbell I wouldn’t have guessed this was supposed to be an 808.

I don’t quite buy the “nothing can do an 808 except an actual 808” thing – I have more 808 samples than is probably healthy, and reckon nobody could really tell the difference between those and the hardware in an actual track – but this one seems pretty far off.

Still, it’s a drum machine and therefore fun to play with :smiley:


One of the odd bits about the 808 was how the analog signal reacted to simple post processing like a gain increase. There are quirks like that which I think add to the charm and are damned hard (but probably not impossible) to reproduce using a digital sample.

You are right about the fun. Even stupid simple drum machines are a good time :slight_smile:


Count me with @crashproof & @anotherone this does not sound at all like an 808.


It’s beautiful and well done, and to those who don’t think it sounds like a true 808, I submit they don’t have a set of Megastudio DW90z Reference Refractors in their setup. If they did, their sonic attributes would be perfectly directed, and they’d know THE TRUTH.

For my money, I like typedrummer. So much more accessible.


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