Retrospective of legendary 808 drum machine

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While the TR-8 does claim to replicate the sounds from both 808 and 909 machines it’s not a 100% replacement as some features (e.g. individual outputs for all instruments) and functions (e.g. song mode) are missing or have been replaced by something comparable.

Trawling the related forums (i.e. Gearslutz) you will find some detractors, but also increasing numbers of fans and happy users. Aside from people that aren’t happy with anything the consensus does seem to be positive, overall. Go try one out at a store, if it’s fun to use for you then that’s all that matters!

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I have no personal experience with the TR-8, but I have been reliably informed that nothing sounds quite like an 8… 0… 8.


I still love what Propellerheads did with Rebirth RB338

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Yes, not even another 808, due to the nature of analog circuitry :wink:
Even with YouTube comparisons it’s not that hard to tell the TR-8 from the originals when they play side by side. Some people don’t mind, others would not touch digital recreations (or even analog clones) with a ten-foot pole. It all comes down to personal preference and priorities.

the TR-8 is a fine machine. its a perfectly good clone. and for the price. really good.
if you can find a working 808… your gonna have to pay for it. there are things in the original 808 that make it, its own thing. not only the true analog sound engine. but the sequencer has its own feel.

808s are rare and expensive enough i know some people who have one. but don’t use it. and instead use clones or something else. there are lots of analog drum machines. and in a mix in a recording the Tr-8 is hard to tell from an 808… not so much on a real sound system. that bass.

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