Roll out the nostalgia with the Roly Kit

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I had not heard of this inventor with 71 patents and estimated net worth today of $70M, but the Jennifer Lawrence movie Joy is about her (and she is an executive producer).


I have one of these roll up storage boxes. It’s terrible. God forbid you need something in a compartment near the centre, you’ll need 6 feet of space just to open it.

But maybe you want a smaller one, make your own:


I remember this now. You know, it would make a decent thing to cart miniatures and/or miniature painting supplies. It has a futuristic look to it.

Video link for the BBS


Damn…I didn’t know that.

I just remember the ad. I’m gonna add that movie to the queue. I love movies about business.

Thanks, man.

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As an added bonus for people who like to sort things into little chambers, when you carry the Roly Kit around - it randomly undoes itself and prepares you for another night of sorting joy.

Speaking from experience.


Still have two of them, one of which I found on the street. It works well for me, holding screws and nails all in order. I’ve found it to be a good tool.


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