Roller coaster malfunction forces riders to descend by foot from 213-foot peak

You and I are very different people. :wink: But I’m glad you found something which brings you such pleasure.


Except its in the uk, where people dont have to ware masks out side, because we all wear them in doors, and have had the vaccine far long and in grater numbers that most other nations. so its prob fine, for them to be that close.

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Your patriotism is noted, but vaccinated people are still spreaders and this thing is far from over. The UK has a good vaccination rate, but nobody is anywhere near herd immunity.


Nope, no. Loath heights. I blame the stupid high chair my parents put me in as a baby / toddler. It didn’t have legs, just some kind of army things that went over and under the table. As an adult I understand how it works, as a kid, I was terrified it was going to fall.


I knew I never wanted to get on that thing! I’m going to share this with Mr. Kidd in hopes that he doesn’t try to make me ride it next time we go to Sandusky.

@jaded: I hate Millennium Force. If you don’t ride with someone your own size (as in larger than yourself), the lap bar isn’t secure, and you have to hold yourself in the car going down that first hill. Glad they’ve added lap belts, but I’m never getting on that thing again. Raptor, on the other hand, I can ride all day.


It rarely happens. It was many years ago and it was raining. The water on the tracks slowed it down enough that they couldn’t get enough force to push it over the hill. These days I believe they just shut it down sooner in rain.

It was funny to watch though. The first car actually made it over the hill, then stopped and was pulled backward. I’ll bet the people in the front seat had a great view.

I love coasters and the Dragster and the Millenium Force are both fun. I am also a big fan of the Magnum XL. The only coaster I’ve found I can’t ride is the Rougarou. It makes me extremely motion sick. I didn’t have any problem with it when it was called the Mantis. It was a stand-up coaster back then. No idea why that makes a difference, but it does.


I had a hard time riding Mantis, my head got knocked around, which is a bad thing. I didn’t get to ride much last time we were there, Jr. Kidd was too chicken to get on anything that went upside down.

The water park at Cedar Point, though? Jr. Kidd went on every damned slide, no problem. :woman_shrugging:


I did a back of an envelope analysis once, and I reckon fairground rides are, minutes per pound, marginally more expensive than crack


This is turning into a Cedar Point appreciation thread, and I don’t mind.
@8-p The Magnum XL has been a favorite since forever. If you stay at the Breakers, you get to enter he park 1 hour early, and the entrance is at the Magnum. I would spend that entire first hour riding it over and over.
@IronEdithKidd The only thing I love more than the Magnum is the front seat of the Raptor. It’s like flying!

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Absolutely the front seat! It’s the best! I wear easily removed shoes every time I go so I can take them off to ride Raptor barefoot. I love the wind blowing through my toes like that!


crack lasts longer?

Been there, done that, many times.


The wind at ground level in Blackpool is pretty bad too.

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