Roller Girl: Newberry-honored coming of age graphic novel about roller derby and difficult tween friendships

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Victoria Jamieson’s 2015 graphic novel Roller Girl won the prestigious Newberry Honor Award and it’s easy to see why: Jamieson’s story of a young teen’s interest in roller derby is the perfect vehicle to explore the difficult and even traumatic way that girls’ friendships change as they become teenagers, while never losing sight of the core story, about personal excellence, teamwork, and hard-hitting, girl-positive roller derby.


My daughter is a toddler, but having grown up with two older sisters, and having been completely baffled and terrified by the intricacies of their struggles with their peer group, my daughter’s some-day adolescence already haunts me. I’ll be grabbing this one, which seems like a delightfully accessible start, and any others I can find, just to try to get as much ahead of the curve as I can…


I am reminded of Derby Girl which was made into the movie “Whip it” with Ellen page.


Hell-to-the-yeah. This is one of my go-to recommendations for tweens looking for a graphic novel that had a young woman learning she can cope with a lot of crap and is more powerful than she knows. This one and Raina Telgemeier are good stuff.


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