Rolls-Royce's futuristic self-driving luxury car


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and an artificial intelligence named Eleanor.
I knew Eleanor and you, sir, are no Eleanor.


Fuck me, that is ugly. Even by modern RR standards.


Won’t those weird wheel-surrounds bottom out on the pavement if you try to drive it on anything less flat than a stadium parking lot??


I’m scratching my head so hard it’s bleeding.


It is the stupid wheel things that ruin it and the way too long front end.


Not just Ugly…but Aztec Ugly.


Not a fan of the front wheel cover thingy. Too blocky and goofy looking. Not ‘futuristic’, but more tank-like. The awkward futurism of the front mixed with the traditional Rolls grate just doesn’t work very well. They should’ve gone for a streamlined Art Deco look, since that’s what Deco was trying to achieve anyway.

I’m OK with the back wheel cover, but then again, I was driving one of these until just recently:


It looks like it’s trying to be a Tron lightcycle, and failing horribly.


I’d still rather drive a BMW 507.


They apparently mean to reference the lady who posed for their pretentiously-named hood ornament. But I’m sure you knew that.


Yeah… who looks at a car and thinks “You know what, this would look so much better with square wheels.”


It wasn’t hit with the ugly stick, it was carved from the ugly stick.


So the RR designers looked at the first sketches of that, said “Yes. Let’s do a digital mockup” and then when the mockup was complete, they looked at the unspeakable ugliness and decided to tell everyone in the world that this is the future of RR.
Dear RR, take a step back and try working outside the echo chamber.




My great aunt was named Eleanor. She always wore bright red lipstick.

Anyone else notice that pic above the video has a sticker for the wheel on the back?


This whole thing is an ad campaign to mark BMW’s 100th anniversary . There’s also future MINI ad, which shows something akin like a “zipcar” that’s personalized to the subscriber. Haven’t seen the BMW thing.


Don’t worry. It won’t ever be on the road. Concept cars are the auto marketing equivalent of masturbation.


Oh, I know. I think I’d rather they were ugly. Better that than them being really interesting when you know the production model that follows will lose all the good stuff.